Into Math (HMH)

The following lessons are part of the Into Math curriculum by HMH.  

Lesson 1: Recognize The 10 To 1 Relationship Among Place-Value Position

Math Games

The following games are from  They’re great games because they support what we’ve learned in 5th grade math, but they don’t have videos or ads you have to watch.  All students who have completed ALL their makeup work AND tests are eligible to play one of the following math games:


Saxon Math (Level 6)

The following are lessons for Level 6 Math using the Saxon curriculum designed for 5th graders.  If you (parents and teachers) are struggling with supporting your students in any particular concept or problem feel free to email us (click here) and we’ll see about making a video for that concept or problem. I’m in the process of building out a tier 1 video for each lesson as well as an additional video with problems focused on the new concept and a PDF to accompany that.  Stay tuned.