Listening to music while at school is a problematic issue.  Some students try to sneakily listen to music whenever they can while others like to listen while they work because it helps them to relax or to focus.  Others don’t want to listen to music at all because it can be distracting to them.  On the teacher side music is problematic because it can easily distract students from the task at hand, get students riled up, or promote negative behavior.  As a teacher (and a parent) I am especially wary of songs and artists that introduce undesirable behaviors, use profane or crude speech, or promote disrespect of any kind.  

That said, I have decided to very occasionally allow my students to listen to music while they work (usually during free writing exercises).  I don’t like them exploring the web to find their own music so I’ve asked them what their favorite songs are and created the following playlists from their suggestions.  Now when they want to listen to music they can come to this “approved” page and select one of the playlists.


Piano Guys, Classical, etc. 

Country Music

Thomas Rhett, Scotty McCreery, 

Rock Music

Imagine Dragons, Nickleback,  

Pop Music