The following are policies and procedures for Room 205.  In some cases I’ll show a video to walk you through the policy.  

Make-up Work (Homework and Tests)

The late work policy for room 205 (2020-21) is as follows:

If you are absent you have 48 hours from return of absence to complete the work missed for full credit. After 48 hours it is considered “late”. “Late” and “missed” work can be turned in 1-2 days late (48 hours) for 90% credit. After 48 hours missed and late work can be submitted any time up until the last ten days of the trimester for 50% credit.

Math homework with scores of less than 20/30 can (and should) be resubmitted. Problems should be redone on the original math homework sheet using a red pencil and showing your work. And redone problems that are correct will receive another 1/2 point added to the original score.

For all other homework with unsatisfactory scores, talk to Mr. C. about redoing them for partial credit on a case-by-case basis.

We follow the GWA policy for test makeup which allows each student to retake ONE test per trimester per subject area. In order to retake a test the student must complete a make-up sheet which they will sign, attach the original test, and get a parent signature.

In-Class Testing Expectations

When taking tests in-class it is expected that students:

  • Work independently and quietly at desk (no talking).  In many cases I will put blinders up in an effort to help you focus
  • Wherever possible, show and check your work
  • Wait for the teacher to call for (collect) tests before you move on to any other activity.  In many cases I will let you pull out a reading book after I’ve collected your test.  I almost never will let you pull out other things (e.g. homework, whiteboards)
  • In math tests please write your answers in the small boxes on the left column while showing your work in the big boxes on the right.  If you need more space to write the answer, write “big box” in the small box and then put your answer in the bigger box on the right.
  • Please make a special effort to stay in your seat throughout the entire testing period.  Taking a bathroom break before testing will make this easier.
  • Unless directed to do otherwise, please use a number 2 pencil for written tests. 
  • Do your best.
Celebrating Birthdays

We love to celebrate birthdays in Classroom 205.  If your birthday is during the school year we will celebrate it on the day of (if possible) or the nearest day if it is on a weekend or holiday.  If your birthday is during the summer we will celebrate your half birthday in-class.  

On your birthday you can bring a pillow to sit on, a treat to share with the class (must be individually wrapped), and can pick out a free book from the “earnable books” shelf.  At the end of the day we’ll sing to you, read from your spotlight, and ask you questions about your life.  

Toys (and things that are used as "toys")

The 5th grade policy is that no toys are permitted in the classroom.  In classroom 205 a “toy” is defined as anything that distracts the student or students around them from learning and following instructions.  So, a piece of paper folded and shared could be considered a toy.  A picture, rubber band, calculator, and almost anything else could also be considered a toy if it distracts students from the task at hand.  

Most toys will be confiscated and returned to the student (to take home) at the end of the week.  However, some “toys” like telephones may require a parent come pick it up from the front office.