In classroom 205 we cover the same curriculum as all the other 5th grade classes in our school.  However, something unique to classrom 205 is that students in this class may choose to participate in additional work and opportunities. 

We live in Utah which has a rich history with bees and behives.  Indeed, Utah is often referred to as “the Beehive State”–the nickname it was known for before being admitted to the union as a state in 1896.  Beehives are synonymous with industry and perseverance, and bees are known for being industrious, productive, and self-sufficient.  These values were espoused by the early leaders in the state, and these same “bee” values are character traits that I hope become important to each of my 5th graders.  It was actually a fifth grade class that in 1983 successfully lobbied for the honey bee to become the official state insect.  

So in classroom 205 a “Bee” respresents being consistent, working hard, and accomplishing great things.  In the back of our room we have a chart for “Mr. C.’s Bees.”  This is a space reserved to acknowledge the accomplishments of students in our class.